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Seal in your Quality the simple and fast way

  • Ideal for sealing bottle caps
  • Easy to remove, does not crumble
  • Cut with knife
  • High yield +80/90% compared to regular sealing wax
  • Stick by weight
  • It melts at approx 80 °C;
  • A capsula varies between 4-8 g
  • Shellca in granules - melts faster than other formats.

  • ŸRelief embossing

  • ŸSpecial sizes and small quantities

Sealing wax for bottle caps

Sealing wax has always been used as a tamper-proof seal for prestigious wines, however, it tends to produce splinters and residues when opening the bottle.

Sealing wax in bricks
Various colors available
Weight 500 gr / brick
Product code: IT CLM RED
Pack of 12 kg (24 bricks)

Sealing wax in sticks
Various colors available
Weight approx. 70 gr / stick
Product code: IT CLS RED
Box of 1,5 kg (20 sticks)

Shellac Colours